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This is a private dummy product page that serves only as a means to order spare parts or request broken/lost items. Persons eligible to using this page will receive a coupon that makes the purchased Spare Dummy product free: only the shipment price will be charged for this kind of orders. It is possible to choose the preferred shipment method at checkout.

INSTRUCTION: Just purchase 1 of this fake product, even if you are requesting more than one item. You will specify your request in details later. Use shipping address notes’ field to specify what you are requesting.

It may seem not very straigthforward, but this order method ensures that the customer gets an order number (useful for later enquiries) and a confirmation page. In case of trackable shipment, customers will also receive a tracking numerb in the shipment confirmation page.

It is also possible to order other products in the same session, so that customers will have to pay only one shipment without having to create two separate orders.



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