in film we trust


In Film We Trust mocks the words written on the us dollar “in god we trust”, and mimics the massonic/christian iconography of the ‘eye in the triangle’ and the pyramid. The text in the ribbon is also a reference to the famous words by photographer Jilles Peress: “I don’t trust words, I trust pictures”.

This graphic has many references to the film photography pantheon all mixed up:

  1. The eye has a six-blades diaphragm in place of the pupil
  2. The icons in the vertices of the triangle are the Lomo’s focus area icons found in the LC-A, in the Smena Symbol and Smena 8M
  3. The numbers in the circles are the corresponding focus distances in meters
  4. The text SYMÉTRIQUE is from a very rare and mysterius lens produced in France, the A.F.R. Anastigmat Symétrique 11cm f/6.8
  5. The lens’ design at the bottom is the 1896 version layout of the Carl Zeiss Planar f/4.5

Show your love for vintage film photography! This graphic has it all!