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FCK Mini16


Cut 135 film in two 16mm strips (with sprocket holes) for 16mm cartridges: Minolta, Mamiya, Pentax…

3 in stock (can be backordered)


This Film Cutter Kit slits 135 Film in two 16mm Film Strips.

The two film strips will have the sprocket holes all along its length.

kit’s components

  • the box 
  • the cutting module (which slits the 135 film into two strips, 16mm wide)
  • the knob 

A 9.2mm cutting module for the sub-miniature Minox film can be bought separately and used in this kit: check this page

The kit does not include 16mm cartridges or 135 canisters.

 How does it work?

Join the leading part of the film to the take-up cartridge where the cut film strips will end up (get a reusable 135 canister if you can). The two rollers must face each other specularly.

Engage the knob to the take-up spool and insert the two canisters in the appropriate spaces.

DON’T PRESS THE FILM WITH YOUR FINGERTIPS. Use a ruler or a credit card or something like this to press the film between the two blades causing the first cut.

At this point, put the lid on and be sure that the box in closed firmly. Start turning the knob clockwise, holding the lid tightly closed with the other hand: this ensures that the film remains flat as it runs between the guides thrugh the felt pads. Don’t press too much, as you may block the film.

Continue turning the knob until the end. Then lift the lid and take out the take-up canster by gently pulling it upwards to free it from the blades.

BE CAREFUL not to put your fingers on the central part: the blades are very sharp!


The two 16mm strips are now all rolled inside the take-up canister and protected from light. Leave out some film tail in the starting roll: you can reuse it as a take-up next time.

To load the 16mm film in you cameras (very often on artridges) you will have to work completely in the dark, or with a dark changing bag. A reusable plastic canister as a take-up spool is a better choice beacuse it’s easier to load and unload. Try to cut one of the strips to one third of the length: that should be enough for a cartridge. You will need duct tape and a little patience.


 Know the danger

The cutting module is a block that is inserted into the slot between the two canisters. Be careful to align the arrows that are positioned along the edges between the cutter and the box. If you put the module backwards the blades will not cut and you’ll ruin a precious roll of film.

The two blades are held in place by a vice which is clamped by turning the screw on the side. If you need to change or clean the blades, simply loosen the screw to open the clamp and extract the blades. The blades are in the standard size of normal cutters, when they are worn out you can easily find spare parts in any stationery shop.

Again and again: be careful not to put your fingers on the blades.