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FAK247 Adapters


127 to 120 Film Adapter Kit: load 127 film in cameras made for the 120 film format!

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127 to 120 film adapter kit

There are many formats and standards in the 120 film world, many different cameras that have different frame sizes. With the 127 film in a medium format camera you’ll get panoramic-format photographs with a size of about… the larger the frame, the fewer the pictures will result from a roll of 127 film.

SO, what the heck is 247 format? There’s no format with that name: it’s just the number resulting from the sum of 120 and 127: I used this name to avoid confusion with the FCK127 film cutter.

prepare your film and load the camera

The FAK247 kit comes with 2 pairs of adapters to be mounted on the two 127 film rolls. Two adapters in the kit have have a traverse pin that interlocks with the ridged end of the 127 spools. This the kind of adapter that must be mounted on the side of the roll that couple with the film advance crank. The othe two adapters have a simple hole with no bars inside: that’s because some 127 spool on one of their end have a normal non-ridged pin that would not engage if a pin were in the middle of the hole. Just be sure to mount the correct adapter on the spool.

shooting and frame numbering

 IF YOUR CAMERA HAS A CRANK FOR AUTOMATIC FILM WINDING (Hasselblad 500, Pentax 67, Mamiya7, Rolleiflex …)
Loading and advancing is more or less automatic: just pretend you’re using 120 film normally.
TIP: At one point the camera may think that the film is finished, not allowing you to take more photos. This also depends ont the lenght of the 127 film: regular 127 film are shorter that 120 film. With some cameras it’s easy to cheat the frame counter and shoot more before changing the film: every camera has is secret you may easily discover in your favorite forums.

After the film is loaded, close the camera’s back and turn the film advance knob until the film reaches the correct placing for the first photo. You will see the film’s backing paper in the red window, but you will probably not see the right 127 numbers to help you advance the film perfectly. Depending on the camera’s frame format, you will need to figure the right amopunt of rotations when advancing the film. Try with a used backing paper and check how much you need to advance the film after each photo.

SHIPMENT methods and times

You can select the preferred shipping method at the checkout page: Registered Mail with tracking, or Priority Mail without tracking. Usually the kits are shipped within a few days, but sometimes it takes a little longer: all kits are produced in small batches, assembled and tested one by one. Check the FAQ  page for details.

Additional information

Weight 0,2 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 mm

Two pairs of 127 to 120 adapters.

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