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FAK135 Adapters


135 to 120 Film Adapter Kit: load 35mm film in cameras made for the 120 film format!

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135 to 120 film adapter kit

With these adapters mounted on the 135 film canister you can shoot 35mm film in 120 film cameras. There are many formats and standards in the 120 film world, many different cameras that have different frame sizes. With the 135 film in a medium format camera you’ll get panoramic-format photographs with a size of about…

— 3,5x6cm (square format cameras like Hasselblad, Rolleiflex, Yashica 635, Mamiya 220 & 330, Kiev 60, Holga etc.)
— 3,5x7cm in 6×7 cameras (like the Pentax 67, Mamiya RZ67, Fuji 6×7, Mamiya 7, Palubel Makina…)
— 3,5x9cm with Fuji GSW690 and similar 6×9 cameras
— 3,5x17cm with the panoramic Linhof Technorama or Fuji GX617…

The larger the frame, the fewer the pictures will result from a roll of 35mm film. Another variable is the lenght of the film: the 135 film can have 12, 24, 27, 36 exposures or even more in case of manual bulk respoolings…

prepare your film and load the camera

The FAK135 kit comes with 2 pairs of adapters to be mounted on two 135 film canister: one is your new unexposed film, the other is empty and serves as take-up. (NOTE: if you prefer you can use a normal take-up 120 spool instead of the canister, but removing and respooling the film back may be troublesome if you don’t have a dark changing bag). Be sure to put the correct adapter on each canister’s end: one goes on top and one at the bottom, don’t swap them.

  1. Tape the unexposed film to the used canister.
  2. Cut the film’s start to make it straight and attach it to the used canister. Make sure that this canister has a little tail of film coming out, so you’ll tape the new film to it (see picture). Wind the first part of the film until the taped part rolls into the canister.
  3. Load the film into the camera.
  4. Put the adapters on both the canisters, making sure that they fit precisely in their slots. If they don’t fit, try the other side.
  5. Keep the empty canister where there’s the film advance knob/lever/crank (depending on the camera).
  6. Close the camera and follow the istructions below.
Shot in Venice with 135 film Kodak Gold 200 in Pentax 67 - 35mm film adapted to medium format with the FAK135 kit.
Shot in Venice with 135 film Kodak Gold 200 in Pentax 67 – 35mm film adapted to medium format with the FAK135 kit.

shooting and frame numbering

 IF YOUR CAMERA HAS A CRANK FOR AUTOMATIC FILM WINDING (Hasselblad 500, Pentax 67, Mamiya7, Rolleiflex …)
Loading and advancing is more or less automatic: just pretend you’re using 120 film normally.
TIP: At one point the camera will probably think that the film is finished, not allowing you to take more photos. With some cameras it’s easy to cheat the frame counter and shoot more before changing the film: every camera has is secret you may easily discover in your favorite forums.

First of all you have to cover the red window with black tape to avoid light exposing the film inside the camera.
After the film is loaded, close the camera’s back and turn the film advance knob 5 times (10 half turns) so that the film reaches the correct placing for the first photo.

On 6×6 and 6×7 cameras you should advance the film by 4 half turns for every frame until the film is finished.
On a 6×9 camera advance by 5 half turns. For larger cameras advance accordingly more. Expect some trial and error.


When the film is finished, it’s time to unload the camera. (Remember that the last photo will probably be burnt out if you open the camera to the light. If you can, unload in a film changing bag, or in a dark place.) Now your exposed film is in the used canister. Remove both canisters: when you cut the film, keep a little tail out of the empty one if you want to use it as a take-up canister.

Sprocket holes!  

Funny part: the 35mm film will be exposed in its full width, creating photographs punctuated by the “sprocket holes” (perforations) along the edges of the film. To have them in your files (or prints) you should scan the film using the 120 film mask.

NOTE: The FAK135s comes without the film paper starter, but you can make your own by cutting a spare 120 film backing paper. Download the Camerhack 35mm film paper starter template, with all the sizes and features to make your own film stater and convert the FAK135s to FAK135!

SHIPMENT methods and times

You can select the preferred shipping method at the checkout page: Registered Mail with tracking, or Priority Mail without tracking. Usually the kits are shipped within a few days, but sometimes it takes a little longer: all kits are produced in small batches, assembled and tested one by one. Check the FAQ  page for details.

Additional information

Weight 0,2 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 mm

Two pairs of 135 to 120 adapters.

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