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MINICUTTER / 135 Film Cutter Kit

From: 3,50 inc. VAT

Create your 135 film cutter kit by selecting the components you need. OR, just get the spare parts

or upgrades for your current Film Cutter.

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BOX complete (Body + Lid V5). New version, compatible with all cutters.

18,00 inc. VAT each

9mm CUTTER (Minox)

Cutting module: cuts 35mm film in two 9mm film strips (Minox Sub-Miniature format).

13,50 inc. VAT each

16mm CUTTER (1 film)

Cutting module: cuts 35mm film in one 16mm film strip.

13,50 inc. VAT each

16mm CUTTER (2 films)

Cutting module: cuts 35mm film in two 16mm film strips.

13,50 inc. VAT each

16mm + Minox CUTTER (2 films)

Cutting module: cuts 35mm film in two strips: one 16mm and one for Minox cassettes.

13,50 inc. VAT each


Winding Knob.

3,50 inc. VAT each


Winding Crank.

7,00 inc. VAT each


Minicutter's box LID (V5). New version, with larger blades' slot, compatible with all cutters.

6,00 inc. VAT each

CUT 135 Film in multiple formats

Create your 135 film cutter kit by selecting the type and quantity of the components you need. You can have a minimal set-up, with just cutter, box, and knob. OR, by popular demand, you can get spare parts or upgrades for your current Film Cutter Kit. There are three cutters producing different formats.

The Minox cutter will produce 2 strips of film, 9,2mm wide, loadable in sub-miniature canister for the Minox spy-cameras that shoot 8x11mm photos. There alre 2 16mm cutters. One will give two strips of film bat with sprocket holes because they are cut from the sides of 135 film. The other will give one clean 16mm film without perforations because it’s cut in hte central part of the film, leaving the perforations apart. There is also a mixed cutter, that produces two strips of film: one is 16mm wide and the other is 9mm and usable in Minox cassetes.


Check this video: it shows the full process of cutting the film, winding the spools with the knob and the more practical crank. Please note that while the cutting can be accomplished in daylight, extracting the film an loading it into the appropriate cassetes must be done in complete darkness (a dark changing bag is recommended) .


  • All the cutter modules can be fitted inside the box, they are identical in external size and shape.
  • Either the crank or the knob can be used with any cutter.

A complete minimal kit consists of :

  1. box
  2. cutter
  3. knob or crank


If you already have the Minicutter and decide to get add the 16mm + Minox cutter, you should also update the lid with the V.5 version (added in September 2023). The lid has been modified internally to accomodate the larger blades layout. The external bades are 24mm apart, so the lid’s blades slot is now larger. The New lid is compatible with all other cutters and is the standard Minicutter’s lid.

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Weight 0,25 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 4 mm
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