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CAN127 CANISTER / box for 127 film


Light sealed canister for 127 film.

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A light-sealed box for 127 film. Protect your film from light and fogging.

If you cut 120 film to 127 and respool them for shooting with 127 format cameras you may have noticed an annoying issue: the roll is fatter than the spool. The reason is simple: 120 film is circa 23cm (9 inches) longer than 127 so you have more material rolled on the spool than originally intended.

On one side this is positive: you can shoot more picture per roll: depending on the camera up to 5 frames. On the other side this may be a problem: the resulting roll will be thicker than originals, larger than the spool’s end flanges, causing light leaking throug the border of the film and fogging the film start.

Solutions? Hardly: you can chop the paper starters to minimize the amount of backing paper on both sides, and the final size will be a little thinner. Also, pulling the tail of the backing paper will tighten the strip around the spool will help.

Protect your film
Anyway, it is strongly recommended to protect the film roll (any film roll, really) from light. For your 127 film, CAN127 is here to serve and protect. The sturdy black box is light-sealed, it is the right size for the 127 roll and has proper slots at both ends to keep it centered in the canister. The lid is secured to the box with a strong elastic string that can be also be used as a key-chain.

The outside finish is rough and fuzzy to make it less slippery while handling. The 127 engraving will remind you which film you have inside, in case you’re not familiar with unusual film sizes.


 Uninteresting note

The string material, its colour, the bead’s color, material and size may differ from the ones in the photo. Anyway, they are easy to replace if you don’t like them. The canister will be exactly like the ones you see, but if you prefer a cleaner finish or a different design, feel free to ask for a new version. Your suggestions are always welcome.

Additional information

Weight 14 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 57 mm

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Size: 57x22 mm Weight: 14 g  
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