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Questions and answers

Is my camera supported?

Please see this page: it contais tables, lists and guides that will help you identify what film your vintage camera would use, and which adapter you will need to operate it with 120 film. If your camera is made for 116 film, 118 film, 122 film, 126 roll film, 130 film or 616 film, then the answer is YES! Click the button below to jump to the IndentiSPOOL page. 😉

Should I register?

Registration is not required! You can make a purchase as a “guest” and give your billing and shipping addresses during the checkout process. A registered user will have a username and password for future purchases, so you don’t have to enter your address every time. Your email and other contact information will not be given to anyone and will be used solely to process your requests. You can also modify/delete your own profile’s data after the order is complete.

Is this site secure?

Sure, it uses SSL encryption to secure all the data that are exchanged and stored in the site. Anyway, all the checkout process goes thrugh the PayPal security, which is even more, …ehm, secure.

What is the accepted payment method?

You can choose between PayPal and regular Credit Card payment via Stripe. THey are both absolutely secure and you’re not giving this site any of your bank personal data. After you submit your order you will be redirected to the PayPal page or the Credit Card page to complete the checkout process.

Shipping methods and times.

I keep the shipping and handling rates as little as possible: the costs are calculated with a flat rate that will combine items in order to keep the shipping costs low.

Items like adapters and accessories are made in Italy and shipped via PosteItaliane (Italian Posts), which is cheap and secure. There are two shipping options: Simple Mail and Express Registered Mail.

  1. Simple Mail is cheaper but slow, and is not trackable. Shipping to European countries may take up to 10 days. Shipping to north America or Asia will take a little longer, like 2 or 3 weeks. Please, be patient.
  2. Express Registered Mail is a little more expensive, but is also faster and trackable: from acceptance at the post office to the final delivery every step is traced in real time. Times: shipping to European countries may take up to 1 week. Shipping to north America or Asia will take a little longer, like 2 weeks.

T-shirts and other printed products are made in USA (California) and Europe (Spain and Latvia) by Printful. The production site is the nearest possible to the final destination, so delivery is faster and cause less carbon  footprint. All of their products ship very quickly via express courier and are trackable by default.

productions times and availability

Every single item is hand made, or requires some manual finishing work. Please note that Adapters and Accessories are always available, even if they are listed as backorder. The production of more complex products require some time (usually just a few days).


Backorder means that IF the products are not readily available, they are made on demand. They take some time to produce and test, so they hardly are “ready to ship”.
When there are some units ready, they sell out quite rapidly, but they are always in production.

Do you sell STL files?

No. For a number of reasons, no.

Will you accept custom email requests/order?

Sure! Just write me an email from the contacts page.

film is not dead