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What the FAK?

If you are unsure what film format your vintage camera may use, or if you’re planning to buy an old folding or box camera and are wondering what adapter you need to use 120 film with it, this page may help.

My adapters convert 120 film spool to the size of 116 film, 118 film, 122 film and 616 film. The adapters are named FAK (Film Adapter Kit) followed by the corresponding film size.

What film size is my camera?

If you have a vintage camera and you’re unsure about what film type it used, it will be hard to know what adapter it needs to load 120 film. This guide will help you identify if the correct spool for your 116, 616, 118, or 122 film camera.

The colored parts are the FAK dapters that once mounted on a 120 film spool will make it the size of the correspomnding spool. Just measure the height of the film slot in your camera and compare it with the table below. Note that 116 and 616 spools are the same height, but have very different flanges: if you’re in doubt, take a measure of the film advance interlocking.

Download the identispool guide!

Get your copy of the Identispool Guide: a handy pdf version of the image above that can print for reference in order to take some precise measurements (the graphics are in 1:1 scale). NOTE: the flange and interlocking holes reproduced in the graphic are taken from the original spools. The interlocking part which is in the camera will be slightly smaller, and may vary a little bit from camera to camera.

Download: IDENTISPOOL Guide (sizes in millimeters)

Download: IDENTISPOOL Guide (sizes in inches)


Kodak cameras with their film sizes.

The following list features all the Kodak cameras made for those format, and it is part of the official Kodak cameras list that can be found here: History of KODAK Cameras. I have only regrouped the 116, 118, 122, 616 cameras and sorted per production periods. Click on the titles to open the corresponding lists.



Not a Kodak? Not a problem!

Many other makers produced cameras for the standard Kodak film sizes, or used film with different names or codes but with the same identical size and spool design. Camera makers had their own films, or film makers marketed their own cameras. The following table lists some film names branded by popular makers.

Film Size Equivalents

Kodak Ensign* Ensign* Butcher Ilford Illingworth Agfa Zeiss Ansco
116 2 ½ E16 C16 16 9 D D8 6A
118 3 ¼ E18 C18 18 12 E E 7A
122 3 ¼A E22 C22 22 21 G G 18A
616 Z.16 PD DM8

*There were two numbering systems used on Ensign film, those shown in the left column are the earlier, the second system was used from the early 1920s and following the Houghton-Butcher merger.

Film Size Equivalents Table: © 2016 Early Photography via